Big Wreck: Live at CJs


Canadian rock veterans Big Wreck, out of Toronto, Ont., proved to the audience at Cactus Jacks that some bands only get better with time.

Edited-2711The consistent, pulsating, bass and rhythmic drum lines accented with chilling, intri­cate guitar solos driven home by powerful and soulful vocals held the crowd at CJs captive, mesmerized, hanging on ev­ery note.

The charisma and cohesive­ness between frontman Ian Thornley and bassist Dave McMillan was captivating, es­pecially during their guitar vs. bass standoff.

In front of a dazzling, pre­cise light display, they played songs from their new album “Ghosts,” and reached back into 2001 with hits like “Head in the Girl” and “Ladylike.”


In their encore, they sur­prised everyone when guitar­ist Paulo Neta preformed the vocals for AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” They bid the cheer­ing crowd adieu with “Oaf” from their new album.

Big Wreck gave the audi­ence at CJs a reason to cele­brate on what would normally be a lazy Tuesday night in Ka­mloops by showcasing their legendary homegrown, talent from the great white north.

Edited-2721Photos by Kim Anderson