Big turnout for campus cleanup


The TRU Trash Bash just held its 17th annual cleanup event where TRU community volunteers ventured out into the sagebrush and the edges of campus to take what they could that didn’t belong.

This year was environmental programs and research coordinator James Gordon’s first year organizing the Trash Bash. Gordon called the event a success, with 102 volunteers showing up to clean up campus, an improvement over last year’s 45 volunteers.

“It’s a great way to work alongside your coworkers in a different context. It helps in community building. It’s just a nice way to spend the morning,” Gordon said.

The 102 volunteers split into 18 teams and collected a total of 78 bags of garbage and 32 bags of recycling.

Because TRU facilities maintains the main thoroughfares of campus, the Trash Bash focused more on the “hinterland” of campus; the areas that are less often used but still see a buildup of garbage.

“It’s a pretty big campus, and unless you’re out hiking in the back trails you don’t come across this stuff for many years,” Gordon said.

The Garbage Go-Fers, a team formed by Open Learning staff, took home the prize for the most unusual item found, a “very well preserved” set of Team Canada hockey snowmen candle holders.