Pride makes headway, still more to do

TRUSU LGBTQ Collective celebrates its achievements and looks to the future

Mike Davies, Editor-in-Chief  Ω


TRUSU LGBTQ advocacy representative Nic Zdunich sports some of what’s available at the Pride celebration selfie booth. Mike Davies/The Omega

As students try to focus on their final projects coming due, exams just around the corner and what they’ll do this summer, the TRUSU Pride collective gave them a place to take their minds off it all April 4.

Students and faculty stopped by the booths on Student Street en masse to tie-dye shirts, have a colourful snack, dress up for a selfie (though not really a selfie, since it was a photobooth) and just celebrate their differences.

“We’re always trying to get more LGBTQ visibility on campus,” Nic Zdunich, TRUSU LGBTQ advocacy representative said. “This is a celebration of everything we’ve accomplished this year.”

Zdunich pointed out the headway made by the collective’s projects this past year, including the Rainbow Crosswalk, the care packages sent to Russian LGBTQ refugees and generally improving the overall attitude towards gay issues, though there is more coming next year, he said.

“We’re hoping to introduce more gay culture to campus and Kamloops to try to wipe out homophobia through education.”

These may include drag shows, forum discussions on hot topic issues, and guest speakers.

“Pride’s a really trendy thing right now,” Zdunich said. “Lots of people on the bandwagon. There’s always the haters, but we have lots of people in our corner right now.”

They do seem to be gaining support at a fevered pace, perhaps because, as Zdunich said, “Everyone loves the rainbows.”