Fefe Dobson cancels western leg of tour

Canadian singer talks about her new latest work, being in love and growing as a musician

Ashley Wadhwani, Arts & Entertainment Editor Ω

Image courtesy Fefe Dobson

Image courtesy Fefe Dobson

Toronto-born artist Fefe Dobson, known for her hit songs “Take Me Away,” “Stuttering,” and “Ghost,” is at it again with her newest project Firebird. Her EP “Legacy,” was released in summer 2013 with her notably avant-garde music video released in October. Last week, her newest music video “In Better Hands,” premiered on Much and VEVO.

Dobson’s newest song shares a particular uniqueness that Dobson has perfected: edgy-meets-real. “In Better Hands,” tells the story of a broken heart that recovers, and finds love again.

“[It’s about] past relationship, where you’re kind of remembering it and going back and realizing all the wrong and all the things that just suck. And now you’re realizing, ‘well, I’m in love’ – which I am now. I’m finally in love, and engaged – and the songs about being in better hands. I feel like I’m safe and can trust the hand that holds my heart,” Dobson said.

Dobson isn’t afraid to break boundaries from the powerful narrative before the song begins to her belting out “I’m in better hands” in front of her band in bare feet and a sheer black and white dress – an ensemble not many can pull off.

You can’t help but be reminded of Dobson circa 2003, rocking out in front of her band in “Bye Bye Boyfriend.” Since then however, the Canadian artist has grown and changed in ways aside from her engagement to Yelawolf, a hip-hop artist from Alabama.

“You know from 2003 to 2014 just as a human being that’s a good chunk of time, you learn who you are and grow and for me [it was] to become a woman,” Dobson said. “It’s natural to grow as a human, as a musician I’ve grown. I’ve learned more of what I like and musically how I want my style to sound, and what I want to sing about and how I want my vocals to sound.”

As the anticipation for Firebird to be released grows, Dobson continues to hone her style.

“For me it’s just being as honest as possible, and being as musical as possible… I want what’s in my mind to come out on a record – that was my main focus,” Dobson said.

Unfortunately, Kamloopsians will not get a chance to see the Canadian pop-rocker perform her greatest hits and new singles on April 4 at Cactus Jack’s Nightclub. The western leg of Dobson’s Firebird Tour has been postponed due to “unforeseen circumstances,” according to Pamela Bustios of Chris Smith Management.

Although new dates for Dobson performing out west have yet to be released, Dobson is ready to begin her eastern tour on April 10 in Hamilton, Ontario.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the fans and seeing them again I haven’t been on the road for a while so rekindling that relationship and connecting again with everybody – honestly,” Dobson said. “I’m [also] looking forward to being in East City so I can do some vintage shopping.”

As for when Dobson will make her way to Kamloops she said, “I’ll be in Kamloops soon – we’re going to come back.”