The Sheepdogs rock out at Dew Tour

Outdoor concert gathers a big crowd for a night of rocking out

Danya LeBlanc, Contributor Ω

Ryan Gullen, Ewan Currie, and Leot Hanson perform their single "Feeling Good." Danya LeBlanc/The Omega

Ryan Gullen, Ewan Currie, and Leot Hanson perform their single “Feeling Good.” Danya LeBlanc/The Omega

Sun Peaks Resort finished off the Dew Tour Am Series slopestyle ski and board competition with a free outdoor concert headlined by The Sheepdogs on March 29. A large crowd of ski and board enthusiasts crowded the still snow-covered ski hill after a day of shredding to listen to the lineup.

The Dew Tour, sponsored by Mountain Dew, is a weekend-long event that reflects the culture and lifestyle of snow sport enthusiasts. The experience included athlete appearances, giveaways, activities, slopestyle competitions and of course live music. Guests adorned themselves with the free neon green toques and t-shirts while snacking on complementary refreshments.

At 6:00 p.m., the concert kicked off with a performance from DJ Frnchm, adding diversity to the lineup with some techno mixes and mash-ups of popular music. Familiar sounds and vocals with unfamiliar beats and speeds engaged people who listened from all over the village.

Old Man Canyon took the stage an hour later and entertained the growing crowd of people garbed in toques and gloves with their warm indie rock. Guests filled the beer gardens for après-ski and enjoyed the folk rhythms of the band.

The Sheepdogs took the stage just after 8 p.m. and put on a two-hour show. The beginning of the concert encompassed more of the band’s soft-rock music and the crowd settled in to a mellow atmosphere.

The second half of the concert took a different direction. The Sheepdogs changed pace and played more of their hard rocking, upbeat singles to really turn on the crowd. The cluster of people who rocked in front of the stage engaged in a small mosh where people crowd-surfed and danced with their fists in the air, feeling the pressure of all of the bodies surrounding them.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before,” said Jordan Penner, a mosh participant, while reflecting on the exciting nature of the concert. “It was slippery and icy,  so people would fall down easily from the pushing of the crowd, but then everyone around you would hoist you up, sometimes even above their heads and it suddenly became crowd-surfing.”

The exciting atmosphere combined with an outgoing, friendly, positive crowd whose lifestyle Dew Tour aims to promote, lead to the concert’s success. The weekend-long event showed off not only the fun in friendly competition, but also the positive lifestyle associated with outdoor recreation and what it means for these people to have a good time.