Film review: Sex After Kids

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Exploring an unfortunate reality through humour

Karla Karcioglu, Roving Editor Ω

Image courtesy Believerville Productions

Image courtesy Believerville Productions

The opening scene wasn’t anything particularly funny. A man sitting in a chair, later revealed to be a marriage counsellor, explains his belief that children are bad for a person’s sex life.

Sex After Kids is a comedy that follows the lives of a variety of parents as they navigate the changes to their sex lives caused by their children. Regardless of the character’s age, race, class and sexual orientation, each one struggles to rediscover their sex life while parenting babies, toddlers or adult children.

Whether it was the young couple who hadn’t had sex for a very specific 359 days and 11 hours since the birth of their daughter, or the older couple who were trying to rediscover sex after their youngest daughter left the nest, or the lesbians who differ in parent styles, the single mother who cluelessly attempts to re-enter the dating game, the single father who gets tired of casual sex, or the Hollywood couple who call their son “Oops,” each character portrays a sincere human experience.

The struggles and failed attempts to rekindle the romance provoked fits of laughter from the audience. Scenes of awkward and uncomfortable conversations, of scheduling sex around chores, of attempting something new and a little bit kinky, all made for laughs while also providing a valuable lesson on what it takes to make it through the rough patches.

Some bad decisions are made, not all relationships make it out unscathed, and in the end the marriage counsellor declares that sex will suffer after kids, but “maybe something better comes out of it.”

I recommend this movie to everyone, parent or not. It will make you laugh and leave you feeling uplifted and ready to make it through life’s struggles. Sex After Kids will appear on iTunes May 2, 2014.