Kamloops host to least attended Brier in 25 years

Sean Brady/The Omega

Sean Brady, Copy/Web Editor Ω

All told, the 2014 Tim Hortons Brier managed to attract a total audience of 65,005 over the course of its nine-day run. Attendance per-draw ranged from 2,077 to 5,238 in the 5,500-seat Interior Savings Centre. On average, the arena was just 53 per cent full.

Figures below 106,394 (the attendance for the 1982 Brier in Brandon, Manitoba) don’t appear on the Brier’s official website, but in a document compiled on a fan site by Ted Soutar, attendance records are available back to 1946.

The 2014 Kamloops Brier was the only Brier in the past 22 years that did not break 100,000 total attendance, and it stands as the least attended Brier in the past 25 years.

When Kamloops last hosted the Brier in 1996, back when Interior Savings Centre was known as Riverside Coliseum, total attendance reached 127,746, the 15th-best attended Brier of all time.

Despite the low attendance, the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) isn’t too worried. In a March 3 Winnipeg Free Press article, CCA events director Warren Hansen said “We have a substantial war chest – we can take a hit. But we can’t take too many of them.”

According to the 2012-13 CCA annual report, event revenue and funding comprised just three per cent of the association’s $10 million in total revenue, with sponsorships and Canada’s Own the Podium program making up 79 per cent of the associations funding.

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