Bands battle it out to play at the Brier Patch

“Battle for the Brier” at Heroes gives local bands an opportunity for the big stage

Ashley Wadhwani, Arts & Entertainment Editor Ω

Six local bands battled it out rock-and-roll style at Heroes on Feb. 27 for an opportunity to open for Shred Kelly at the 2014 Brier Patch on March 3. Put on by TRU tourism professor Billy Collins and his EVNT 2070 class, the event was organized by his students as an assignment for the class. The show sold out, resulting in every one of Collins’ students receiving an A+.

“I didn’t know how to grade them, but a real promoter looks at how much money [they] made and the attendee number. So based on how many people showed up at the door, they killed it,” Collins said.

The Dave Coalmine Band won the battle, winning $500. Royal States were runners-up, taking home $300. Both bands will be opening for Shred Kelly.

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Editor’s note: It was stated, in error, that The Caspians were the runners-up at the event. In fact, the runner-up was Royal States. This was corrected March 3 10:09 PST.