TRU hosts Kamloops TEDx event

Karla Karcioglu, Roving Editor Ω

Image courtesy Sukh Matonovich

A group of presenters and organizers gathers at the TEDx event. Image courtesy Sukh Matonovich

TEDx events are a branch of the well-known TED Talks – TED standing for technology, entertainment and design.

The talks “bring together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less),” according to TED’s website, and on Feb. 14, TRU played host to 19 high school students from across Kamloops as they participated in TEDxYouth@Kamloops, which took place in the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre. Each participant spoke on the topic, “What matters to you?” which was the theme of the event.

Jordan Decker, a 17-year-old student from Valleyview Secondary and event organizer, said she had seen a lot of TED Talks, and when she heard about the Kamloops event she was amazed that her city had this opportunity.

Dexter Armstrong, a second-year TRU student and event organizer, said that as soon as he heard the word “TED” he said yes.

“You can’t say no to that,” Armstrong said. “It’s going to touch the lives of so many people, especially going onto the Internet. The world is going to see it. The world is going to be inspired by it. ”

Decker said youth will be most inspired by the event because it’s presented by people they can relate to and it doesn’t feel like an adult telling you what to do. Decker also said she thinks that teacher, parents and adults will learn from the event in regards to technological advances and online bullying and online pressures.

Taylor Walsh, also a second-year TRU student and event organizer, said that she believes ideas can change the word, and “with the internet and the democratization of ideas it’s how we’re going to move humanity to the next level.”

Walsh said the students give her hope for the future.

“They are speaking just truth and I think that’s incredibly mature,” Walsh said. “We have to start listening to the youth. I am in awe of them.”

All three organizers were amazed by the topics that came from the idea of “What matters to you?”

“It’s mind-blowing that these kids are younger than me and have this vast amount of knowledge that they’re sharing,” Armstrong said.

The high school students presented on a wide range of topics including “Acceptance” by Kierra Lindores, “Water” by Jacov Maricle, “Makeup: The Art of Self-Expression” by Chanel ledger and “The Art of Accepting Compliments” by Tatiana Gilbert.

Three TRU students also presented at the event. Tatiana Gilbert, a first-year TRU student, presented her talk, “Teens and Social Media” while Armstrong and Walsh presented on “Sustainability/Greening.”

The day-long event even included musical performances and a magic show.

Angela Ippolito, a 16-year-old student at Beattie School of the Arts, also presented at the TEDx event. Her topic, “Father: How Are You?” focused on events surrounding her father’s death and learning to cope by accepting the support of others. Ippolito talked about how people glaze over the significance of the common greeting “How are you?” without bothering to answer truthfully.

Ippolito said she wanted to share the importance of being grateful for what you have and that if something unexpected happens, like her father’s death, “to realize that there’s people around you that are there to help you, and you need to help yourself too.”

Ippolito said that presenting in the event helped strengthen her and that it was one of the processes she used to help her cope with her father’s death. “I’m definitely going to look back, like, ten years from now and say to myself, ‘Wow, I did that and he was there in my heart looking down on me and I’m really proud I did that.'”

The TEDx event will be available to watch on TRU’s live stream video library at