G.B.F. premieres at TRU

Nathan Weissbock, Contributor Ω

Image courtesy Vertical Entertainment

Image courtesy Vertical Entertainment

TRU students gathered in Common Grounds for free popcorn and got cozy on couches for the TRU premiere of teen movie G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend) on Feb. 6.

On behalf of TRUSU’s Pride Collective, G.B.F. focuses on a closeted gay high school student, Tanner, who becomes an interest to three popular girls when his sexual orientation is revealed.

Tanner is played by Michael J. Willett. Other actors include Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars), Natasha Lyonne (American Pie), and Joanna Levesque (also known as singer/songwriter Jojo).

G.B.F. uses comedy and the fad of having a gay best friend to explore the stigma of homosexuality in high school in a refreshing way.

The actors portraying the different roles did a good job of not going over-the-top with exaggerated scenes, which could have taken away from the film’s message.

The three popular girls try to pull Tanner away from his friends and turn him into something he’s not. They believe that having a gay best friend will increase their popularity and chances of becoming the prom queen. Of course, there can only be one queen, sparking social warfare between them.

Most surprising is the R rating of the movie for “sexual references,” according to director Darren Stein’s Facebook page. Stein believed the movie should have been rated PG-13.

There is nothing explicit enough within the film for an R rating with no serious swearing or nudity. Unfortunately, this prevents the messages found in G.B.F. from being shared to younger audiences.

Noted for its similarities to high school flick Mean Girls, G.B.F. has an all too similar set of characters, plot and high school feel. However, some differences helped this movie stand out particularly the changes of moral compass many of the different characters undergo by the end.

The high school feel did not stop TRU students from bursting out in laughter at many of the scenes as the comedic aspects were perfectly infused into each scene.

TRUSU’s Pride Collective plans to bring more movie nights to campus in the near future.