QTC Spring/Summer collection goes punk

Local student’s label turns sassy in the designer’s latest show

Marlys Klossner, Contributor Ω

A model shows off one of Collier's 30 pieces presented at his fashion show on Feb. 1. Marlys Klossner/The Omega

A model shows off one of Collier’s 30 pieces presented at his fashion show on Feb. 1. Marlys Klossner/The Omega

It’s rare to find a 16-year-old who knows what he wants to do for the rest his life, let alone a 16-year-old with an established fashion line.

Quentin Tecumseh Collier, a Grade 11 student at South Kamloops Secondary, debuted his Spring/Summer 2014 collection in the culinary arts building at TRU on Feb. 1. Sponsored by the TRUSU Pride Collective, Collier’s fashion show presented ­­­30 new looks.

Student union LGBTQ representative Nic Zdunich helped Collier with the technical aspects of the show, letting Collier focus on his fashion.

Collier started designing in Grade 6, and has been hooked ever since.

“My mom is a sewer and I’ve loved fashion all my life,” Collier said. “So I got a sewing machine and took some sewing lessons.”

Collier has created nine fashion shows, all taking place in his house, and while there was a period of adjustment to the foreign venue, Collier is excited to show more people his work.

Marlys Klossner/The Omega

Collier said this collection is “a lot more sultry” than his past work. Marlys Klossner/The Omega

The sold out show attracted a crowd of all ages. The event began with a cocktail hour, which set the tone for the playful confidence of the show. Collier’s shows, while extremely professional, have an element of intimacy. This is in part because Collier recruits his friends and classmates to model for his shows.

Also displayed were works of art up for sale by Levi Suetta, Heather Pratt-Johnson and Rae Imeson.

Collier’s label, QTC, is known for its feminine and romantic designs, but this season Collier added some edginess to the mix. “This collection is a lot more skin, a lot more sultry,” Collier said.

Starting with some softer pieces, the show got progressively bolder. The collection featured exposed gold zippers and rectangular cut-outs. The colour scheme transitioned from cream and light blue to black, red and green. The patterns turned from floral to tartan.

QTC’s shift to an edgier look came about because of “last season’s girliness,” Collier said. “When I closed my eyes last season all I could see was pink, so I was like I need to keep some of that, but also do something completely different.”

After the show, Collier navigated a frenzied crowd of well-wishers. After his shows are over, Collier sells some of his pieces upon request to friends and fans.

The talented student has found juggling his schooling and his passion for design challenging at times.

“I’ve stayed up till 2 a.m., so in the morning I’m too tired to go to school, but I still get straight As.”

After graduating in 2015, Collier hopes to attend Parson’s School of Design in New York.

When asked when design for the next show would begin, Collier said, “Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll start thinking of ideas.”