“Blind Date” is a hit

One-woman plus-one show strikes the funny bone with interactive improv performance

Ashley Wadhwani, Arts & Entertainment Editor Ω

Blind Date will be playing at Sagebrush Theatre until February 1, 2014.

Blind Date will be playing at Sagebrush Theatre until February 1, 2014.

The unpredictable nature of improvisation can either engage the audience through laughter or tears, or leave them wondering why they wasted their time and money on a boring and dull performance.

In the case of Western Canada Theatre’s Blind Date, the audience is taken on a comedic adventure that explores the awkwardness of a real first date.

Blind Date is an interactive performance where Mimi, a French-speaking charismatic woman with a red clown nose, picks a man from the audience to go on a date with her on stage.

As if a blind date with a beautiful and confident woman in a tight red dress is not already nerve-wracking, a stage with bright lights and an audience of 200 people deciding the fate of the chosen for the night will make the experience unforgettable.

Of course, it ultimately depends on how willing the chosen man is to get out of his shell and be himself. Before the show, as people stand in crowds waiting to be let into the theatre, Mimi mingles while making her way through the room to scout who the lucky guy will be.

On opening night, Mimi picked Carlo, a young Kamloopsian, and their date began in a low-light French café. Asking him questions to make him comfortable was step one. Giving him a full glass of wine also helped.

Step two was taking him on an adventurous date with a sobriety test conducted by police officers, followed by taking him back to her Uncle’s place where things got a little steamy.

Mimi was quick on her feet with witty jokes leaving the crowd howling with laughter. Carlo also having jokes and an easy-going personality created a perfect chemistry between the two – it didn’t feel like a staged performance but instead an engaging and real first date.

As the performance ended, Mimi and Carlo received a well-deserved standing ovation.

Mimi closed by saying “Tell all your friends, especially your gentleman friends. But don’t tell them what it is so they actually come.”

There were roughly 11 men out of the 200 attendees, which can mean difficult decisions for Mimi no matter how quick-witted she is. If you bring someone and don’t tell them what’s going on, it can add to the show’s unpredictability, as long as whoever you bring is willing to go with the flow.

Blind Date will be playing at the Sagebrush Theatre until Feb. 1, 2014.