Album review: Perpetual Surrender

Danya LeBlanc, Contributor Ω

Image courtesy Paper Bag Records

Image courtesy Paper Bag Records

Diana’s new album Perpetual Surrender is comparable to the work of new hit artist Lorde, with calming sounds and easy-to-follow lyrics. Lead vocalist Carmen Ella has a beautifully soothing velvet voice that can be somewhat masked by the slightly complex electro-background.

Diana has created a unique combination of sounds that have a very modern electro- jazz feel to it. Think Florence and the Machine, but with less emphasis on vocals.

The seventh track on their album, “New House,” sounds like a song you would listen to as you float through the sky on a bed of puffy white clouds while pondering your love life.

With extremely basic lyrics like, “I want to let myself go / But before I give it all to you / You need to let me know,” used on loop throughout the song, Diana relies on how they deliver the lyrics, rather than the lyrics themselves to convey their message.

My reaction to the song was to be put into an almost dream-like state, from which I was disturbed by what I thought was my speakers cutting in and out. As this is actually a part of the song, it seems like the intention is to the make a bridge with reality.

There are songs on the album that have a more up-beat rhythm but do not stray far from the soothing theme of Perpetual Surrender. The fourth song particularly, “Strange Attraction,” has a very similar style to some of Tegan and Sara’s work. It seems none of their music is intended to have an emphasis on lyrics and instead is focused on the background music.

With some other bands this may be encouraged, but because Ella has such an amazing voice, I just want to hear more and more of it.

Overall, I would say that Perpetual Surrender is a beautifully and complexly composed album that any fans of alternative rock and soul music will love. If you appreciate vocals, Diana is definitely a band that you should check out and then brag about discovering.

The album was released on Aug. 20, 2013 and is available on iTunes.