Album review: Hit the Ground Running

Ashley Wadhwani, Contributor Ω

The band formed in 2009 in the halls of Toronto's Humber College. Image courtesy Juice

The band formed in 2009 in the halls of Toronto’s Humber College. Image courtesy Juice

Juice, an all-male rock band from Toronto, released their fourth album Hit the Ground Running earlier this year.

The 10-track album’s unique compilations of vocals, guitar, keyboard, piano, drums, percussion, bass, saxophone, flute, clarinet and trumpet do not go unnoticed, allowing every track to be its own impressionable blend of different selections of sound.

The first track, “Wake Me Up,” starts the album off with an upbeat rhythm of pop rock and catchy lyrics. Best described as one of those songs you can’t resist dancing to.

“The City” gives a jazzy feel, with keyboard, trumpet and lead vocalist Tom Hanley sharing some soul with listeners.

“Two Brothers” tells a story of two brothers who lose themselves to rock and roll. With Hanley belting out “never let your brothers go/addicted to the rock and roll” to a reggae-inspired beat sprinkled with Max Stanutz on trumpet, and precise percussion from drummer Claudio Santaluce, “Two Brothers” could be a nation-wide hit.

“Indigo,” is the longest song on the album at six minutes. This track slows things down, with softer piano, simple drums and a wide array of woodwind instruments. A little relaxation is needed after all the energetic sounds listeners have heard up to this point.

While some bands can’t produce music to suit different moods and styles, Hit the Ground Running displays Juice’s ability to create a large spectrum of sound, from chill easy-listening to short riffs and faster rhythms.

To make this album even more appealing, it’s 100 per cent Canadian. If Juice continues releasing albums like this, it will make their rise to fame come easily.

They only tend to tour within Ontario, but I have high hopes they will make their way out west. Their enthusiasm on the album was palpable, and I can only imagine what their stage presence is like.