Album review: Tough Age

Ashley Wadhwani, Contributor Ω

Tough Age’s self-titled debut album, released Nov. 12, is a creative concoction comprised of up-beat, poppy tracks and slower-paced jams. A 28-minute track list of just 11 songs, this rock album is a must-have.

To complement the various rhythms, Tough Age sings songs of break-ups (both romantic and musical), dreaming of a different life and in their words “being mutually complicit in agony.” The wide selection keeps the album fresh and exciting to listen to. The slower beat in “Have You Seen Her” still transmits those happy vibes you feel when simply listening to a great song.

“The Heart of Juliet Jones,” which was released early by Mint Records, is the kind of song you can’t wait to tell your friends about, because you know it will reinforce your superb taste in good music. Because of the solid hook, “Dream Date” will surely become the new song to rock out to.

When discussing the creation of the track list with an interviewer from Mint Records, frontman Jarrett K. said, “I don’t like therapy or drugs, so it’s sort how I medicate myself. I write these songs to get rid of them. I don’t cut myself, I just write a catchy ditty.”

Tough Age will be visiting the lower mainland Nov. 16 and Nov. 30, and will hopefully bring the same up-beat vibes from the recording sessions to the stage. According to label manager Shena Yoshida, Tough Age is preparing for a spring tour – maybe a stop in Kamloops? After hearing this album, I won’t be missing out on an opportunity to see them live.