Review: Fake Flesh Film Festival

Nathan Weissbock, Contributor Ω

The Fake Flesh Film Fest appeared in Kamloops on Oct. 27.

The Fake Flesh Film Fest appeared in Kamloops on Oct. 27.

Horror fans were treated to three hours of fan-made films at the Fake Flesh Film Festival, held at the Kamloops Convention Centre on Oct. 27.

The Fake Flesh Film Festival is a travelling horror festival making its way across British Columbia and Alberta over 10 days, featuring 12 films submitted by both national and international filmmakers.

Zombie lovers were no doubt pleased by the festival. The undead shufflers were major players in the films presented at the festival. The Post-Lifers was filmed to simulate the look of an actual documentary by interviewing zombies and providing an inside look to the life of a zombie, or “post-living,” as they prefer.

Cargo was another excellently filmed motion picture that featured a father trying to provide safety for his child before becoming a zombie himself. This one really captured the feeling of The Walking Dead, and at points I thought I was going to see Rick Grimes.

Revenge of the Ooze, a sequel to the much-hyped film Night of the Ooze, was filmed here in Kamloops. Event founder Darryl John made a guest appearance in the film.

John is a lover of horror and is always excited to spread the genre around Canada.

Hats off to the film Don’t Move, which features teenagers trapped within a house possessed by an evil demon. If you move, you will get killed. While the story itself seems basic, I was very impressed with the Hollywood effects used to make the evil spirit look authentic.

The squeamish or the faint of heart should be advised that there is a lot of blood and gore. One film, Fist of Jesus featured Jesus fighting off zombie hordes for 10 minutes, and Dia de los Muertos was pretty much made up of exotic dancers brutally murdering patrons.

If you are not a lover of the horror genre, but still enjoy a good laugh, this festival might still have a place for you. Not only was the host Dan Jakes quick with a joke, but many of the short films were quite comical, including Tasha & Friends, a film about murderous children’s TV show puppets that come to life to try and kill the show’s host, and Hell-No, a fake horror movie-style parody trailer with the tagline “a sensible horror film with smart characters and good decisions.”

If you missed this year’s event, check out the Fake Flesh Film Festival website, where you can view some of the featured films.