TRU launches physical activity challenge to motivate students

Karla Karcioglu, Roving Editor Ω

The physical activity challenge hopes to curb the effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle. exalthim/Flickr Commons

The physical activity challenge hopes to curb the effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle. exalthim/Flickr Commons

TRU wellness co-ordinator Chelsea Corsi is hoping to get staff and students to be more active with the Wellness Centre’s physical activity challenge “Fall Into Motion.”

The challenge is a part of the Canadian Cancer Society’s (CCS) Wellness Fits program, which was designed to promote healthier workplaces in Canada.

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology’s guidelines for people aged 18 to 64 is 150 minutes of vigorous activity per week in increments of at least 10 minutes.

According to Corsi, physical activity plays a major role in preventing cancers, but getting the minimum suggested daily exercise is only one part of the picture.

The CCS website states that although only a small amount of studies have been done so far, recent research has found that long periods of sedentary behaviour may cause various health issues like diabetes, heart disease and various cancers as a result of cellular and metabolic changes.

The CCS reports that men spend 68 per cent of their waking hours being sedentary, and for women it’s 69 per cent.

Corsi lists driving, watching TV, sitting in classes and working in an office as major contributors to a sedentary lifestyle.

The CCS suggests breaking up your time spent sitting or lying down with two to three minute activity breaks that are as simple as standing, stretching or walking.

For students, Corsi said physical activity is known to boost brain power and aid in a good night’s sleep.

For the Fall Into Motion challenge, staff and students are asked to organize teams of four to six people, decide on a team captain and team name and have the team captain register with Corsi via email at

Teams will be registered to an online dashboard to help track fitness points gained by participating in physical activity. Extra points will be awarded if teams engage in activities together. One point will be awarded per 10 minutes of physical activity.

Prizes will be awarded throughout the challenge to those who are submitting points, and the final winner of the challenge will get a free lunch anywhere they choose.

The challenge starts Oct. 14 and ends Nov. 24, but Corsi will accept registrations until Oct. 21.