What are students saying about how new programs are chosen?

With the university looking to expand its offerings and perhaps even offer a brewing program at TRU, we wanted to know what students thought about how new programs should be thought out.

We asked: Should TRU be investing in a new program that produces grads for a specialty job market or should it invest in programs with a well-established job market?


“I think they could have more funding and more diversity in the business program that we already have, and where they already have a lot of students who are willing to take those courses. But because we are in B.C. I think someone should offer brewery course, and why not TRU.”

Alanna Silvester, second-year business student

* * *


“Obviously they should be investing in trades and nursing because that is the future, rather than opening a brewery. But the brewery can provide students some jobs as well.”

Adam Elwakeel, first-year business administration student

* * *


“Yes, because if it’s local it could benefit Kamloops and its economy. And why not if it guarantees a job.”

Alesia Kreiger, first-year sciences student