Embrace free wellness offerings on campus

Courtney Dickson, Wellness Columnist Ω

Courtney Dickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor Ω

Courtney Dickson, Wellness Columnist Ω

When free stuff is mentioned, students are usually all over it. But is that still true when free wellness opportunities arise?

From Sept. 25 to 27, the Campus Activity Centre will be filled with opportunity. More than 100 local teachers, practitioners and presenters will be at TRU to educate students and the public about all areas of wellness as part of the Interior Wellness Festival.

Elizabeth Beeds, editor and publisher of Interior Wellness Magazine, is happy this year’s festival can take place while the fall semester is in session.

“I’m really passionate about bringing people together,” she said. In the past, this festival has been held in June, when few students are around to take advantage of it.

A “healing garden” will be set up where you can receive massages and other treatments for $1 per minute. With the average cost of a massage at around $90 per hour in Kamloops, this is a great deal.

Aside from the healing garden, workshops about nutrition, mental health, financial wellness and more will be available to participate in. A stage will be set up with entertainment for when you’re ready to grab some food and take a break from all that’s going on.

Everything from western ideology to allopathic medicine (more widely-used homeopaths) to spiritual healing and tesla metamorphosis will be available, so those who aren’t quite ready to embrace a new way of approaching wellness can stick to what they know, and those interested in trying new things have a great opportunity to do so.

Many students will just pass this opportunity by, and that drives me crazy.

It’s important for students to know about opportunities like this for a variety of reasons. First of all, we tend to forget about health as the semester gets into full-swing and focus solely on studying and making next month’s rent. Second, we typically have less money to spend on health, so this is a great way to get educated about things without emptying our already-thin wallets.

On top of that, you can try new things that you might be skeptical about. Not entirely sure if yoga will work for you? Never tried Reiki because it seems a little hokey? This gives you the chance to open your mind, again, at a low cost.

I’m a big believer in keeping an open mind when it comes to health. Not everything is going to work for everyone, so we need to give ourselves the opportunity to explore what’s out there and see if it will help keep our bodies and minds in good condition.

The Interior Wellness Festival is not solely meant for students. Anyone living in B.C.’s interior is welcome to participate. So bring your mom or your best friend with you and use the services that are being offered. I hope to see lots of students out taking hold of what Kamloops has to offer in order to stay healthy. Maintaining those good grades starts with maintaining your well-being.