Student-run performance club kicks off its new season

Courtney Dickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor Ω

TRUDAT - The TRU Drama and Theatre performance club. Logo courtesy TRUDAT.

TRUDAT – The TRU Drama and Theatre performance club. Logo courtesy TRUDAT.

Last week, TRUDAT (Thompson Rivers University Drama and Theatre club) was brought back to life by three performing arts students. Organizers Brittany McCarthy, Allison Clow and Jessica Buchanan hosted a meeting for more than 30 eager students, explaining the goals of the club and what it has to offer.

An entirely student-run club, TRUDAT’s mandate is to involve interested participants in every way possible and without judgment. The idea is that people can be involved in the performance process without having to worry about grades or what others will think.

The club is also meant to encourage performing arts students who weren’t cast in the Actor’s Workshop Theatre productions, giving them a chance to be part of something outside of class. But any student from any faculty is invited to join.

TRUDAT will put on two shows this year, starting with The Untold Stories of the Brothers Grimm, a comedy written by drama student Andrew Cooper and directed by McCarthy. This show will take place on Nov. 3.

The next show will be written by a variety of students, and will view like a television flipping through channels. At the meeting, Buchanan asked students to submit two-to-five page acts of a television program. The date for this performance has yet to be decided.

Monday evenings from 5:30 until 6:20 there will be open improv nights in the theatre. Students can participate or just go to watch, because as Clow said, “Improv requires an audience.” On Dec. 1, there will be an improv competition.

The organizers are hoping to revive TRUDAT, as they said it was “basically non-existent” last year.

“Last year there was a lot of hype at the beginning and it just fell through,” McCarthy said.

Students interested in joining TRUDAT, or just going out and seeing what fellow students are working on in their spare time, can find more information on the club’s Facebook page “TRUDAT Club” or on Twitter @TRUDATClub.