TRU student found guilty of pool cue assault

Sean Brady, Contributor Ω

TRU student Yousef Mohammed Almotairi has been found guilty after an assault against a fellow student outside Cactus Jack’s last November.

Almotairi, a 27-year-old business student from Saudi Arabia, had argued that he acted on ref lex when he stabbed TRU business administration student Abdulaziz Alhedaib in the eye causing a “deep penetrating injury.” Alhedaib suffered an orbital fracture, brain hemorrhaging and nerve damage leading to partial paralysis.

The dispute between the two, heard in court to be acquaintances, came about after Almotairi did not attend Alhedaib’s Nov. 3 birthday party.

Security footage revealed that the two were initially amiable and even hugged upon greeting one another at Cactus Jack’s around 11:00 p.m. the same evening. But things later turned aggressive and Alhedaib punched Almotairi in the face. Almotairi responded with the pool cue stabbing.

In his defence, Almotairi said that he did not recall stabbing Alhedaib and that his next memory after the incident was hearing girls screaming and seeing Alhedaib on the f loor in the club. He claimed that he acted on ref lex when he struck Alhedaib.

“Even accepting his evidence that he has no recollection, it does not enhance his defence. There is no evidence that he struck Mr. Alhedaib in a reflex action,” said Justice R.B.T. Goepel in his reasons for judgment.

Following the verdict, Almotairi erupted outside the courtroom, saying that the verdict was his lawyer’s fault and that he was told to say he forgot what had happened.

Almotairi will be sentenced later in the fall.