Indie-rock group Close Talker makes it happen between semesters

Tyler Goodyear/Promotional image

Tyler Goodyear/Promotional image

Courtney Dickson, Contributor  Ω

Though they’ve only been working together for just over a year, alternative indie-rock group Close Talker has already made a name for itself.  “The West Was Won” from their first album, Timbers, debuted at number five on CBC’s R3-30 chart in July and recently played the Ness Creek Music Festival, which featured indie artists Said The Whale, Elliott Brood and The Wooden Sky.

Four young men from Saskatoon, all of whom had played in other bands prior to forming Close Talker, were able to record their debut album in just a few days over the winter holidays in 2012. Timbers was released only a couple of months later in February of this year.

Their album has received approval from critics, and rightfully so. Their polished sound is hard to come by for such a young band.

Though Timbers had an exceptionally quick turn-around, drummer Chris Morien said they went through months of planning. Because they are split during the school year while two members attend post-secondary in British Columbia, most of the planning for the record had to be done long distance. The good news is that the band doesn’t mind taking time to plan ahead and then record aggressively later. There are plans to do another whirlwind recording session during the break in December.

Morien said athough they are influenced heavily by prominent groups like The National and We Are The City, they also find inspiration from more local bands in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. “We also really try to draw from different genres,” he said.

Morien has spent his summers working in Lloydminster when not performing with Close Talker. As September draws near, performances will be put on hold while his band-mates Will Quiring and Matt Kopperud head back to school in B.C. for their final year of study.

“After this year of school we’ll be back together more often and then we can really move forward,” Morien said. But as of right now, he said that the group is just “getting a taste of what they want to do next.”

“As long as I’m having fun, I’ve achieved my goal,” Morien said. Close Talker comes to Kamloops on Aug. 24 to play the Art We Are café at 7 p.m.. Tickets will be $5 at the door.

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