Upcoming U-Carnivale to replace TRU Survivors

Brendan Kergin, Arts & Entertainment Editor Ω

This year, as with every year for nearly a decade, there will be a campus party to celebrate the last day of classes. However, after a number of years of TRU Survivors, students will see a slightly different event in front of them on April 12. It will be the first Celebrate U-Campus Carnivale.

“[The name] was to tie into what the Centre for Student Engagement was doing with their Discover-U and their Community-U. ‘U’ not being restricted to ‘you’ as an individual, but as the university campus as a whole,” said Rheannon Green, the campus recreation assistant and one of the organizers for the event. “So at the beginning of the year you ‘discovered you’ and then to wrap up the year you’re going to celebrate you by celebrating everything that has happened over the last year.”

The new event is aimed to be more inclusive than TRU Survivors, which had teams compete against each other on an obstacle course. This year’s carnival will allow more participation from students and university organizations.

“The last couple years it’s been brought to us that doing this event, our survivors event, was limiting in terms of how many students could participate, just based on the day and the logistics of doing a big obstacle course for teams,” said TRU wellness coordinator Chelsea Corsi, who is also helping organize the event.

Instead of teams competing in a knockout-style tournament, there will still be some obstacles for students to overcome one-by-one. This time though, times will be taken and the winners will be the fastest to complete the task over the entire day.

In addition to the obstacles there will be other aspects as well to create a fun atmosphere. This includes carnival games and a dunk tank, which will have TRU faculty and staff. Also, one of the tourism classes will be creating a tent party.

“It’s themed around the song “Thrift Shop” and they are having DJs in there, there’s a nacho bar,” Green said. “From my understanding they’re having to compliment the barbecue, actual nachos, nacho cheese and salsa, in the tent.”

Other student groups and campus organizations will be involved with specific activities as well. Groups like ISAP, the bookstore and student clubs are involved in booths and smaller parts of the event.

“It’s not so much meant to be an information session; it’s not like the welcome back barbecue,” Green said. “It’s more meant to be, ‘let’s have some together. We just worked our butts off for the year; we’ve put our heart and souls into everything we do. Let’s just have some fun with everybody else.’”

Celebrate U-Campus Carnivale will happen April 12 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. in front of Old Main.