Life’s waiting to begin

Taylor Rocca, Copy/Web Editor Ω

“Everyone was working for this goal where all the children left without a trace, only to come back as pure as gold to recite this all.

“Life’s waiting to begin.”

Written by Tom DeLonge and heard in the Angels & Airwaves song “The Adventure,” I quoted that as I hosted my high school graduation dinner and dance.

Seven years later I turn to it again as I prepare to turn the page on this chapter in my life.

For some of you, this will mark the final time you step through these doors as a student. For others, you might be returning to continue your undergraduate degree or to further your education. Wherever it is life takes you next, just be sure to keep everything in perspective.

Appreciate the time you have here. Appreciate the classmates, friends and professors you are privileged to share this space with. Appreciate each learning moment. While it’s important to stay focused on here and now, it’s equally as important to keep the greater picture in mind.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people who have impacted my time here. This is the privilege you get when you maintain a column in your student newspaper.

To Christopher Seguin for putting up with me, I know I might not have been your favourite person, but I appreciate your time and professionalism.

To everyone I have had the privilege to work with at The Omega and CFBX, thank you for helping me hone my skills and prepare myself for the real world.

To Mike Davies for being the best boss and a true mentor.

To my classmates, thanks for pushing me to challenge myself, sharing in my learning experience and having a casual beer every odd weekend.

To Sam Numsen of Shaw TV who was instrumental in my sports broadcasting course. You gave me the opportunity to learn something I couldn’t have learned here on campus.

To my professors, Alan Bass, Charles Hays, Blair McDonald, Maxine Ruvinsky and Shawn Thompson, thank you for providing me with the tools I need to find success.

Lastly, to Rebecca Mann, you might not be a professor, but you work just as hard and have taught me just as much. You don’t get nearly the thanks you deserve for your tireless efforts.

I’m sure there are people I’ve missed and for that I apologize. To everyone else at TRU, thank you for making this a place for me to call home.

If you’re moving on to bigger and better things, thank those who deserve it. Keep connections strong with those who have impacted you. As the cliché goes, university can be the best years of your life. We’re all here with that same goal, hoping to come out pure as gold. Don’t forget your time at TRU once life and its next adventure come calling.