Rang De Basanti paints campus

Allison Declercq-Matthas, Contributor Ω

Colours flew as 250 people participated in the TRUSU India Club’s Rang De Basanti outside of Old Main on Saturday, April 6.

Using Indian food, bhangra dancing, a DJ and an event called colour play, where people use coloured powder and water to cover others in vibrant colours, the TRU event celebrated three Indian festivals: Holi, Vaisakhi and Ram Navami.

Vaisakhi, depending on the region, celebrates many different things, including welcoming the new year and abundant harvest. The festival is highlighted by performing bhangra and eating food. Ram Navami celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of the 10 major incarnations of Vishnu. Holi, which is where colour play is from, is the festival of colours and a welcoming of spring.

“What we accomplished today was magnificent,” said Amit Goel, organizer of the event and international student advisor at TRU. He ordered 56 kilograms of coloured powder for the event this year.

“Next year I might have to order a couple hundred kilograms,” Goel said. With the event outdoors for the first time, Goel was unsure how it would go. After the clouds moved on and sunshine appeared, students gave him positive feedback about the change.

“What I’ve been hearing from students is that they like it,” Goel said.

TRU student Fariaa Zaidi certainly enjoyed the event.

“It was my first experience, but it was really nice,” Zaidi said. She said she would attend it again.

Goel said holding Rang De Basanti outdoors meant people could chase each other around and freely throw the coloured powder. The cleanup was easier too.

“It’s a different kind of cleaning,” Goel said. “We can use a pressure washer to clean the tables and chairs and the powder disappears in the grass.”

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Participants of TRUSU India Club’s Rang De Basanti event April 6 ended up more colourful than usual. A central part of Rang De Basanti is the throwing of coloured pOwder at friends and family, known as colour play. – PHOTO BY BRENDAN KERGIN