Now hiring for the 2013-14 publishing year!

The Omega is already gearing up for next year!

The Omega is looking to hire for 2013-14. - OMEGA FILE PHOTO

The Omega is looking to hire for 2013-14. – OMEGA FILE PHOTO

The 2013-14 printing year begins in…well, six months or so. As such, we’re starting to look for a team to continue building on what we’ve already got.

Adam Williams has graciously agreed to continue on with us providing his exceptional sports coverage of the TRU WolfPack and all other facets of the sporting world our readers might find interesting.

Courtney Dickson has offered to take on the mantle of arts and entertainment editor after finishing off this year as our wonderful roving editor.

A few of our staff are moving on. Sniff sniff they just grow up so fast, don’t they?

Anyway, if you’d like to be a part of the team next year, check out the positions available, and get in touch!

Copy/Web Editor

Responsible for receiving weekly copy from section editors and ensuring said copy is ready for print.

Correcting for CP style (as well as a few “house rules”), ensuring story flow, fact-checking where necessary and sending print-ready copy on to editor-in-chief for layout.

Also responsible for website production and upkeep, including but not limited to getting print-ready stories and photos in front of our online audience and continuing to develop The Omega brand and online presence in any way possible.

News Editor

Responsible for generating content to fill the news section of the publication.

Student union meetings, policy discussions, administrative failures (and successes), as well as relevant changes (or discussions of changes) to the physical campus are some of the things this person is responsible for coverage of.

Basically, if you think it would be considered “news” rather than “arts” or “entertainment,” it will likely be your responsibility.

If you’re interested in policy, statistics, governance, or organizational structure, and sniffing out the truth behind the surface of those things, this position could be for you.

Roving Editor

Responsible for that hazy, grey, in-between section of the publication.

Things that aren’t really “news,” and maybe not even “arts” or “entertainment” fall into this person’s wheelhouse. Guest lecturers and speakers, various community events, lifestyle features and interesting profiles of community members and organizations would all generally fall into this section.

The Roving editor has the additional responsibility (or privilege, if you prefer) of picking up the overflow from other sections. If there is too much great arts or sports stuff happening one week for the “arts” or “sports” person to get to it all, for example, the roving editor is ready!

Ideal for a well-rounded, multi-faceted individual with interests all over the board, this position is for someone who can lend their voice to a variety of topics and bring the community closer by highlighting aspects of it that might otherwise go unseen.

All positions are responsible for knowing (and continuing to develop their knowledge of) CP style. Considering this, prospective applicants are requested to review these rules before applying. There may be a test.

Photography skills will definitely be considered an asset for every position.

To apply, please send your resume, covering letter, and selection of writing and photography to editor-in-chief Mike Davies at stating the position you’re interested in. No phone calls please.

We would like to thank everyone who expresses interest in the positions in advance, however, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Call for applications will remain open until positions are filled.