Free fitness for TRU staff and students

Karla Karcioglu, Contributor Ω

TRU students and staff have access to free fitness classes thanks to TRU Recreation. - Photo by Karla Karcioglu

TRU students and staff have access to free fitness classes thanks to TRU Recreation. – Photo by Karla Karcioglu

Pina Russo, TRU Recreation coordinator, praises her instructors for going “above and beyond” not simply by providing fitness instruction but for educating students and staff on health and wellness as well.

“They are interested in students’ and staffs’ well-being,” Russo said. “The instructors are approachable and knowledgeable.”

TRU Recreation offers several different fitness classes including yoga, zumba, boot camp and low-impact fitness. Each of these classes is held in the TRU Gym.

“Classes are at your own level,” Russo said. Instructors modify poses and exercises to fit individual needs.

There are six instructors and 15 classes offered at lunch and in the evening.

Stacey Rowat, first-year bachelor of science student feels the classes are the right level for her.

“It won’t kill you,” Rowat said, “but it will make you work.”

Clarisse Vogel, first-year respiratory therapy student, started attending TRU Recreation fitness classes because she wanted to make a change and try something new. She finds motivation from seeing people she knows in classes.

“There’s a different feeling to TRU Recreation fitness,” Russo said. “It’s more social but you’re still getting a good workout.”

Russo added how nice it is to see the in-class interaction between staff, faculty and students.

According to Russo, there are five beneficial components to fitness — cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength and body composition. Improvement of mental health and stress reduction are also benefits of fitness.

Kathleen Wright, TRU Recreation fitness instructor, is seeing class sizes pick up towards the end of January.

“The low-impact class seems to have the most interest,” said Wright, indicating that is on par with new year resolutions and beginner fitness. “It’s now standing room only.”

“We’re seeing an average of 24 participants in the afternoon classes,” Russo said. “Evening classes have been hitting 60, on average.”

Russo is preparing to survey staff and student interest in morning recreational classes.

As well, the department is looking into new paid classes.

“A minimal fee would cover bringing in extra equipment,” Russo said.

There is no fee for TRU staff and students who attend TRU Recreation fitness classes. TRU Recreation fitness is funded by the Comprehensive University Enhancement Fund (CUEF), which also funds other groups on campus for educational enrichments such as guest speakers, co-op education and scholarships.

Students paid $5.45 per credit into the CUEF Fund for the winter 2013 semester.

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