TRUSU maintains “strong financial position”

Courtney Dickson, Roving Editor & Devan C. Tasa, News Editor Ω

TRUSU budget. - Image by Devan C. Tasa

TRUSU budget. – Image by Devan C. Tasa

TRUSU’s annual audit, presented at the annual general meeting (AGM) on Jan. 24, has confirmed the students union has remained on target, fiscally.

“The students union continues to be in a strong financial position,” said Brent Ashby, the KPMG accountant who performed the audit.

The audit, dated July 31, 2012, stated the students union made $2.96 million in revenue and spent $2.77 million in the 2011-12 fiscal year. For the 2012-13 budget, TRUSU projects it will raise $3.07 million and spend $3.03 million.

One of the projected expenses for this fiscal year was $75,000 for the annual Kickstart event in September 2012. This included costs for the back to school barbecue and a live concert headlined by the Arkells.

At the AGM, one student asked if there could be more local groups playing at the event.

“To make sure Tunes Against Tuition works properly, you have to have a big name draw,” said Dustin McIntyre, TRUSU’s president, the next day. “I can put a recommendation for the next VP internal to look into local groups.”

Overshadowed by the money budgeted for Kickstart is the $2,000 allocated to the students union’s food bank. McIntyre said that dollar figure doesn’t tell the whole story.

“$2,000 for the food bank is not saying that’s all the money that goes towards the food bank,” he said. “We put in man-hours going around the city and partner with other groups to fill the food bank.

“We would never let the food bank go empty. Though it was reported it was empty last year, there’s not a single student that came to the front desk and asked for a food package that didn’t get it.”

One of the students union’s biggest expenses is paying for its staff. This year, $290,000 was budgeted. However, of the five staff members working in the upstairs office, two have left over the last year. McIntyre said TRUSU plans to fill these positions this year.

“They [the jobs] have not been posted yet. As far as I know, they will be posted this year.”

The other large expenditure the students union is responsible for is the U-Pass. It has budgeted $778,000, which is offset by the U-Pass fee TRUSU collects.

The budget can be viewed on TRUSU’s website at

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