Never too late for resolutions

Mike Davies, Editor-in-Chief Ω

My friend and colleague, Taylor Rocca wrote an editorial last week welcoming us all back to classes and examining the resolutions many of us make at the turn of a calendar year.

He had some great statistics from reputable journals and was overall very optimistic and encouraging. You should read it if you haven’t.

For any of you who know my typical writing style, you’ll know this is where I usually proclaim the person I’m talking about to be completely wrong. Well, not to make anyone uncomfortable, but I’m going to break that tradition.

While he was writing that particular piece, we discussed the so-called “New Year’s Resolution” and how I’ve never believed in the value of such silly things. Upon thinking about it further, that is not entirely true.

I completely believe in the reinvention of one’s self. It’s just that whether that reinvention happens (or rather begins) at the start, middle or end of a calendar year makes no difference.

I’ve reinvented myself many times.

I will admit some of those reinventions did not make me a better person; in fact they did the opposite.

Wait…that’s not true, either.

Even when I changed myself and became someone I don’t like when I look back, those times made me the person I am today — the kind of person who can look back on times, not like myself in that past, and be okay with that.

All of those changes I made brought me to the point I’m at right now in my life. They often took me by a route that was…let’s say uncomfortable…but they produced a human that as of right now, I’m pretty proud of.

“Okay, Davies, stop it with the self-reverence and get to the point,” right?

Actually, that is my point.

Everyone has times in their past they’re not proud of — actions they have taken, people they’ve wronged — but have a look back at those times for a minute and examine what came of them.

If this is the first time you’ve done this, it will be a truly cathartic experience for you. If you’ve done this before, you’ll know what I’m talking about but let’s do it again anyway.

Can you point at any of those times and say you learned something or were changed, or that the “poor” decision you made directly altered the path of your future?

Because it did, you know.

Every action we take changes our path through life. It’s the actions and decisions we chose to make that produce the people we are and will become.

It’s not deep or profound knowledge I’m throwing at you here — but I think if you just take a moment on occasion to think about those infinite numbers of paths you didn’t take and can’t go back to, you’ll realize you’ve been constantly reinventing yourself along the way.

Whether it’s the beginning of the year or not, we can all resolve to change. Those changes will make us who we will be.

Of course I’m only basing that assumption on the fact all the ones in the past have made us who we are right now.