Movember men put an end to moustache mayhem

Samantha Garvey, Contributor Ω

Shaving is a personal activity. At no other time does a man stare at himself in the mirror for that long or give his appearance such careful attention.

Which must be why watching almost twenty students from the law society shaving outside of Heroes Pub drew such a large audience.

The date was Nov. 30 and the cause, of course, the end of Movember and a long 30 days of carrying around the extra hair under their noses.

“I feel like a free man,” said Joey Romanoski, captain of the Movember team called Raising the Bar.

The atmosphere was light and fun with a large crowd and a handful of women from the law school doing the shaving. The 25-member group took the cause very seriously. For prostate cancer and men’s health in general,  more than $5,123 was raised and donated, up from $2,600 last year. Of more than 26,000 teams registered on Movember Canada, TRU Law ranked 1,035. The team, called Raising the Bar, consisted of 25 members including one law professor, Robert Diab.

“People were very helpful,” said first-year student Hafiz Karim. He raised $1,515, the most for the team.

Karim lost his father to colon cancer earlier this year and said his friends and family have been supportive of him, especially when he joined the Movember cause for men’s health.

“Everyone is becoming more and more aware,” he said. “ It’s easy for a guy to [participate].”

This was his first year fundraising for Movember as well as his first time ever growing a moustache.

Other members of the team became very creative in ways to raise money. Several of the students who have lighter hair dyed their mo’s black with Just For Men. First-year student Mac Green took it a step further and dyed his eyebrows to match, which earned him an extra $150.

Sam Safi, another first-year, had been unlucky his first three weeks, raising no money. He declared that if by the end of the month he raised $500 he would dress in drag for a day and keep a photo of himself in drag for a week as his Facebook profile. Friends and family donated $200 that same day. In the end, he came up short and escaped the costumed day.

Second-year student Kim Grimwade didn’t let her inability to grow a mustache stop her efforts. She raised $190 for the team by wearing a fake moustache one day for every $10 donated.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Karim.

Despite the enjoyment had by growing the moustaches, the students were more than happy to take them off again. They sat in a line of chairs waiting their turn for the electric razor. Some opted for a face full of shaving cream. Each moustache was
separated from its owner and collected in one bowl.

“I don’t ever want to touch another bowl of hair again,” said Allie Laurent, first-year law student and volunteer barber.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for an upcoming bonus photo gallery.