Caffeine fiends rejoice

Taylor Fry, Contributor Ω

With a million people in line ahead of you, there are only 10 minutes left until your 9 a.m. lecture begins. Barely awake, you need sweet, soothing coffee and its warm caffeine bliss if you even hope to survive class. Where can you go?

It’s that time of year again — the days are shorter, the weather colder and the lines for coffee longer. TRU students move toward the grand finale of the fall semester, with classes ending and a holiday break approaching, trudging through the final push of late nights and early mornings. This last-minute dash through the homestretch is often fueled by a steady supply of caffeine.

Every coffee fanatic knows there are a variety of places on campus to fuel up and each caffeine fiend has their own favourite rest stop. For most students location is the major factor in choosing the place to get a fix. Where, however can a student coffee-devotee find the best cup on campus?

House of Learning (HOL) – Tim Horton’s: 3.5/5 cups
By far the most convenient places to grab coffee are either of the two Tim Horton’s on campus. With both open early and the HOL location staying open until 10 p.m. on weekdays, it can be a student’s saving grace. At $1.78* a cup, it is affordable and easily at hand. The only downsides are this time of year the lines can be extremely long and students can’t personally add cream and sugar to taste. If you are looking for price, Tim Horton’s is the cheapest on the list, making the lines worth the wait.

Common Grounds: 4/5 cups
For the eco-conscious student spending time studying in the CAC, there is Common Grounds. Owned and operated solely by the TRU Students Union, it provides fresh, fair trade organic coffee in biodegradable cups for a worthwhile $2.25*. With a cream bar allowing students to perfect their coffee, Common Grounds also has a study area for all those unavoidable cram sessions. The only downside is the distance from the majority of classes, as it’s parked on the far northern end of campus in TRUSU’s Independent Centre.

Terrace Cafeteria: 3.5/5 cups
Sitting above Common Grounds, the Terrace Cafeteria offers students a place to get a wide variety of food, as well as coffee. On the island in the center of the room, students can find fair trade coffee in an assortment of roasts, including the (probably unnecessary) decaffeinated versions. A cup of black rings in at $1.99*.

Bean Me Up: 3.5/5 cups
Snugly located across campus on the second floor of the science building, Bean Me Up provides sleepy science students with a much-needed chemically-induced boost at exam time. Serving up fair trade with a well-stocked cream bar, students can enjoy a regular cup for only $2.23*. Rarely is there a line, so students looking for a fast cup of coffee can grab one at warp speed if they’re in the neighbourhood.

Revvup Smoothie and Juice Bar: 4.5/5 cups
Situated on the second floor of Old Main, Revvup provides the largest selection of fair trade and organic coffees for $2.23*. Its central location is perfect for students trying to move quickly between classes, however its early closing time means students have to get their mugs filled early.

International Café: 4.5/5 cups
With a name that includes the word international there’s not much surprise that this is in the International Building. This coffee shop brews Starbucks coffee for $2.18* per regular cup. If the lines are a bit long, the quality of the coffee makes up for it.

Trades Café: 3.5/5 cups
Up the hill from the central section of campus in the Trades and Technology building, the Trades Café is a nice, quiet place to grab coffee for students who don’t mind the walk. A regular cup sells for $2.23* but the lack of variety may turn a few students off, despite the quality.

*Campus-wide regular coffee sizes are 14 oz. with the exception of Common Grounds which runs with an uncommon 16 oz. regular cup. Each price includes taxes.

If you’re looking for a fast place to grab and go, Bean Me Up and Common Grounds are the best places to go. If you don’t mind a possible wait for the dependable coffee you love, there is the International Café and Tim Horton’s. For students wanting to try something different, Revvup has its host of different roasts, whereas those wanting some food to go with their caffeine may prefer the Terrace.


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