Overwerk works up Kamloops

Matthew Pflugfelder, Contributor Ω

Overwerk (Edmond Huszar), an up and coming DJ and producer from London, Ont., packed Cactus Jacks nightclub Nov. 16 with heavy bass lines and enticing melodies. Playing both his and covering other artists’ tracks the show really got the crowd going with a two-hour set.

Before his show Overwerk sat down for an email interview with The Omega.

Ω: Can you describe your musical style?

O: Electro-computer music infused with whatever is inspiring me in the moment. Usually pretty heavy but uplifting at the same time.

Ω: What kind of artists influence you?

O: The kind of artists that influence me are the ones that are honest and have integrity. Artists that are passionate about music, no matter the style, inspire me.

Ω: How did people pick up your music? Through a label or Soundcloud?

O: I just started releasing tunes on Soundcloud, that was it.

Ω: How often are you touring?

O: I’ve been working on my new EP, After Hours, so I’ve been more focused on production right now.

Ω: What is your setup like?

O: An iMac, Genelec monitors. I don’t use hardware, I don’t even use a midi keyboard.

Ω: What is your preferred plug-in?

O: My preferred plug-in? I tend not to stick to a single one, definitely not massive, I try and incorporate every new plug-in I find.

Ω: Top five tracks at the moment?

O: I don’t even listen to that much music. I don’t have a lot of time to explore what’s out there, but right now I’m listening to Flume’s new album. Flume is awesome.

Ω: Do you have any side projects?

O: When I have time, I work on other genres of music on the side. Aside from music, I do lots of design, 3D & editing.

Ω: How long does it typically take you to write a song?

O: Sometimes I make a song in a couple days and others are drawn out for months. I build songs in segments, because I try to create diversity and make my songs a ride, rather than just looping sounds for the whole track. It depends how inspired I am/ if I have ideas beforehand.