Faculty and students come together over a pint

Mason Buettner, Contributor Ω

The third-annual Philosophy, History and Politics (PHP) Beer Conference was held on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at Frick and Frack Tap House.  Approximately 100 TRU faculty and students attended the fundraiser, raising money for the Philosophy, History, and Politics Undergraduate Conference in January 2013.

The topics of discussion for the night were the philosophy, history, and politics of beer. TRU professors Jeff McLaughlin, Ariane Magny and Nicholas Gammer provided entertainment for the evening with satirical presentations on the relationship between beer and their respective departments.

Gammer began the presentations with his interpretation of the politics of beer. As the American presidential election occurred one week prior, Gammer discussed how beer affected voting patterns.

“Heineken drinkers are strongly democratic,” Gammer said.

He switched to Canadian politics asking the question, “How do Canadians define themselves through beer?”

Beer is the highest selling alcoholic beverage in Canada, according to Gammer.

“The beer industry in Canada does play a role in the Canadian identity crisis… Globalization of the brewing industry has seen major players in Canada acquired by or merged with foreign companies,” Gammer said.

Following the politics of beer, Magny presented the audience with her take on the history of beer, revealing some previously unknown insights into early historical leaders.

“Alexander the Great drank because he was hot,” and, “Nero started boozing when he was 16,” Magny said.

McLaughlin received many a laugh from the audience as he closed the evening’s presentations with his humourous take on the philosophy of beer.

He believes that “beer is essential for doing good philosophy.”

In typical philosophical fashion, he provided the listeners with deep truths about beer.

“We get the English word beer from the German word beer, and the German word for beer is beer,” McLaughlin joked.

He discussed the connection between beer goggles and finding the truth.

“It’s easy to be drunk, but to be drunk at the right time, for the right reason, with the right person and the right intensity is what makes beer drinking brilliant,” McLaughlin said in closing his presentation.

Following the presentations, the winning 50-50 ticket was picked and Dylan Robinson, the fundraising and events coordinator for the conference and TRUSU VP external, ended up with the winner and donated his money back to the conference fund.

The sixth-annual Philosophy, History and Politics Undergraduate Conference is scheduled to take place Jan. 17 to 19, 2013, at TRU.

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