TRU student teaches peers about sexuality

Courtney Dickson, Roving Editor Ω

Corey Keith came to Kamloops this fall to obtain her master’s of education from TRU. She has become actively involved in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) community in Kamloops. Her background in social work mixed with her diploma in professional counselling and coaching enables her to teach others how to think about sexuality in different ways.

“Sexual education is important,” Keith said, “and it does need to be ongoing.”

Keith, who is now attending her fourth post-secondary institution, has noticed generally schools teach students the bare minimum about sex and gender. Schools often focus on teaching the mechanics of sex rather than starting from the beginning and talking to students about relationships and communication. She finds people are ashamed to talk about sex.

“Talking about sexual health in depth can be difficult because everyone is at a different level of understanding, especially in a community like TRU where there are so many international students,” Keith said.

Keith’s intention is to finish her master’s degree and teach in post-secondary institutions and implement more human sexuality courses in a variety of disciplines.

Keith started her own business in 2011. Spectra Wellness Coaching and Consulting was established when she recognized being transgendered was impacting her ability to get employment.

Spectra provides coaching, counselling, workshops and sex and gender consultations to anyone in need of assistance or education.

Keith started the business on her own. Though the practice is still quite small, Keith has acquired a strong team of nine people.

Keith’s plan for Spectra is to remain a primarily online consulting business so that individuals from any area are able to reach out and find support.

In order to help people in distant communities, Keith is familiar with Skype and other online communication tools.

“Counselling is an art form,” Keith said. She is passionate about her role in the community and finds it challenging at times but incredibly rewarding.

Keith’s intention for the practice is to provide businesses, individuals and families with support and a sense of safety when discussing sensitive issues. Her vision statement is to help others “live an authentic life, love one’s self and live the life we are meant to live.”

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