TRU grad joins Kamloops Art Council board

Brendan Kergin, Arts & Entertainment Editor Ω

A recent TRU fine arts graduate is jumping right into the local arts scene in more than one way. Oil painter Jo Wyers, a 2012 bachelors of fine arts grad, has been elected to the Kamloops Arts Council (KAC) board, a local organization involved with a variety of the arts.

Wyers, born and raised in Kamloops, is new to the board and organization and is excited to be involved with it.

“It feels excellent, it feels great to actually have a seat and be able know that you can be a contributing factor,” said Wyers, who spent five years at TRU. “So I think that’s kind of exciting, but I’m kind of nervous about it, but it’s definitely excited.”

The KAC, established in 1968, supports a variety of the arts, including visual arts, writing and performance. The recent Writers Fair was one of their events and they have organized a series of Saturday morning arts workshops for the fall.

“It’s supportive to artists, emerging artists, established artists, artists in the community, in the region,” Wyers said. “They do events that are associated with the community such as Art in the Park and they just had the children’s event this summer.

“It’s a very in depth organization, we have a lot of people that working behind the scenes to make a lot of things happen in the community, art related.”

A press release from the Kamloops Arts Council announcing the recent board elections described Wyers work as centring on the animals in Knutsford, where she lives.

“I’ve worked a lot with regionalism and aspects of survivalism as well in relation to wildlife, area and location,” Wyers, said. “My backyard is my muse.”

Regionalism is a style of painting that looks at rural lifestyles.

Her interest in the KAC stemmed from friends recommending the organization as a proactive aspect of the community the recent grad could get involved with

“It was recommend by friends that this was a great organization to get involved with and I’ve had a lot of experiences with non-profit organizations in the past,” she said. “With the positive attitude I’ve been hearing about the Kamloops Arts Council I thought why wouldn’t I try and contribute.

“They have a great business statement involving the idea that it’s about artists, it’s about business, it’s about government, it’s about everybody working together,” she said.

Wyers is working on a show of her own featuring other artists. Green will be showing at the KAC Wilson House Gallery from Jan. 8 to Feb. 7, 2013.