Bad luck continues for Montreal metal band

Sean Brady, Contributor Ω

Already stranded in Kamloops, Montreal-based metal band Endast was struck another blow when its equipment was stolen from a trailer Oct. 31.

Three of the band’s guitars were stolen from a locked trailer in the Holiday Inn Express parking lot. Among them were a one-of-a-kind prototype and a guitar that had been used to record every Endast album to date.

“It was a pretty emotional moment,” said band frontman James Arsenian.

“You develop a familiarity you can’t get with a brand new instrument,” he added. “It melds with your hands. It’s a big deal. We can replace guitars, but we’ll never get those ones back.”

Following the theft, the band immediately released a YouTube video with the news that said the completion of the band’s tour was in peril. In it, Arsenian described the guitars and asked viewers to spread the word and report any sightings in Kamloops. The response on social media wasn’t something that the band was expecting.

“Word is spreading so quick right now that I’m starting to look up,” Arsenian said. “Someone’s got to know something.”

Endast had been stuck in Kamloops due to vehicle problems since its Oct. 25 show at Bailey’s Pub. The band finally departed for Calgary on Nov. 2. Despite the car trouble, the band was able to continue its tour after its show at Bailey’s Pub because of a devoted fan who drove them to their other B.C. shows in Vancouver and Prince George.

The band missed tour dates in Edmonton, Grand Prairie and Red Deer. Thanks to a supporter and help from the Kamloops Long & McQuade, Endast was able to continue on its way to Calgary to play a scheduled stop. The band is still working to sort out permanent replacement instruments.