Matt Mays still has a bit of bushy tail

Brendan Kergin, Arts & Entertainment Editor Ω

A decade as a solo artist with five albums to his name, Matt Mays is heading across Canada again, playing his blend of modern indie-country. The Cole Harbour resident will be stopping by the Blue Grotto Oct. 22 for a show with openers The Meds from P.E.I.

On this trip Mays has a new band, from his home province, and another Maritime band called The Meds to keep him company on the long trek across Canada. They’ll be sharing a sort of van/bus vehicle.

“We’ve got kinda both, it’s this hybrid thingy, we got it from the States. It’s actually pretty cool, we just got it today,” Mays said in an interview with The Omega Oct .11.

The tour will bring Mays out to B.C. for the first time since he played in Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

“I’m really looking forward to getting back, I really have some fond memories of B.C., from Kamloops all the way out to Victoria. I love it out there,” he said. “A lot of the guys in the band, and the opening band, the Meds, haven’t been past Toronto before, so I’m excited to look vicariously through them. They’re still pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.”’

Despite a career starting in the ’90s, Mays still has a bit of a bushy tail himself, with his new album Coyote, which hit shelves in September. His first album in four years, the time he spent between recordings wasn’t slow.

“I don’t like being in one place for too long. I saw myself getting cabin fever ‘cause I don’t get enough input,” he said. “I’m sorta almost half way through my life and I don’t want to not see the world because we’re only here for a short time, so I just found myself wanting to explore while I’m still here.”

Mays described the album as representing the different places and situations he saw and was a part of.

“I feel there’s continuity in the album but at the same time it kinda jumps around,” he said. “That’s kinda how my life is so that’s kinda how the album ended up.”

During the tour Mays has been playing a variety of his solo material, so fans can look forward to songs going back to his first single “City of Lakes.” For those less familiar with his work, 2005’s “Cocaine Cowgirl” will probably ring some bells. For Mays, the career up to this point is ten years, but some points seem closer than others.

“Some of it feels like yesterday and some of it feels like a long time ago. Ultimately it does feel like ten years though.”