Truly a Secret Broadcast

Brendan Kergin, Arts & Entertainment Editor  Ω

Secret Broadcast rolled into town Oct. 3 for a show at Heroes amid its cross-Canada tour supporting the Hungry Ghost EP. The recent signees to eOne, originally from Calgary, are on the way back home for the official album release.

Sounding like a mix between Nirvana and Radiohead, Secreat Broadcast played a short set of indie rock. Starting off with a classic sound, the set occasionally grew into moments of epic proportion, using a driving guitar presence to maintain the small-time indie charm.

Vocalist Matt Lightstone sings like he means it, with enthusiasm in the words he’s written.

Hardly a soul showed up for the concert. A planned two sets were trimmed to one as the doors opened at 7:30 p.m. without a person to let in. Never did the number of audience members outnumber the number of people working.

While no doubt disappointed by a comically small crowd, the band persevered and played nonetheless, working through a variety of material, including most of the Hungry Ghost track list. Lightstone took to the mike like it was any other show and played like the front-man of a rock band, leaping and having fun. The set-up at least offered the chance for a full dress rehearsal before a much bigger show in Calgary.

So, to the students and music fans who decided to stay home Wednesday, you missed a good show from a band playing indie-garage rock with moments of grandeur.