Fixin’ to thrill: Dragonette at Cactus Jack’s

Brendan Kergin, Arts & Entertainment Editor  Ω

Martina Sorbara and Dragonette rocked Cactus Jack’s on Oct. 2. – Photo by Samantha Garvey

Dragonette played a sold out crowd at Cactus Jack’s Saloon on Oct. 2 and those fixin’ for a thrill left thoroughly entertained.

They brought a long list of openers for a triple bill. Data Romance, a moody electro duo brought Bjork- like vocals, tons of percussion and a bit of synth.

The show really picked up with Young Empires, a four-piece group from Toronto. Leading with a fast rhythm and building on it with a keyboard and guitar Young Empires created an incredibly danceable mix, pumping up the bass to nasal cavity-shaking levels at times. By the time the band left, the dance floor had filled up and people were in the mood for more.

Dragonette brought it with pixie-punk lead singer Martina Sorbara jumping right into one of their earliest single, “I Get Around.” Sorbara was more than happy with the attention from the energetic crowd, dancing and strutting across the stage, her small stature augmented by an intense light show.

Despite enjoying the, at times literal, limelight, Sorbara was a little jealous of those in front of her.

“I wanna be with you, on that side,” she shouted over the fence.

Martina Sorbara and Dragonette rocked Cactus Jack’s on Oct. 2. – Photo by Samantha Garvey

With Dan Kutz playing a variety of instruments and drummer Joel Stouffer setting the pace on drums, Dragonette was able to play a variety of extraordinarily electro-dance-pop-rock. An up-tempo 13-song set (plus an encore), disappeared quickly with a very fast hour up on stage. Part of this was due to the occasional melding of four songs at a time into super-mixes.

While the first two-thirds were strong, the last three songs really riled up the crowd, with “Hello” leading into new single “Let It Go.” By this time the workout on stage got to Sorbara as she climbed on a security member and inserted new lyrics into the band’s megahit.

“Alright, you should sing this part so I can take a drink,” she sang, holding a cup of water at the ready. The crowd happily obliged with a big, “I just came to say hello!”

A high-speed rush of a bouncy, electro dance rock night, Dragonette concerts are always for those willing to get a workout on the floor.