Family on the rise

Samantha Garvey, Roving Editor Ω

Family of the Year is the rising folk-dance-techno-anthem-rock-pop band from Los Angeles, touring alongside Hey Ocean! on a Canada-wide tour.

The group’s sound is diverse within a chill-out framework, with this year’s summer anthem in “St. Croix” at one end to an urgent longing in “The Stairs” at the other. Oddly, the song that would land in the middle of the spectrum, capturing the group’s truest essence, is titled “Diversity.”

Comprised of brothers Joe and Sebastian Keefe, James Buckey and Christina Schroeter, the group formed in 2009 and in that short time has produced three EPs and two full-length albums.

“Whirlwind would be a good way to put it” said guitarist James Buckey. In fact, the first two Eps and first album were released by the band themselves before signing on with Nettwerk Music Group. “Our favourite thing is, just keep writing,” he added. Buckey explained the recording hasn’t been a barrier to the band as he and Joe Keefe are both recording engineers.

“What we like to do is bang out a song in one night,” he said.

Despite being hard-working, the band’s mantra has always been to have fun. Buckey explained how the group formed in early- to mid-2009, just as the United States economy was collapsing.

“Everything (was) going a little crazy, so we all got together to play music,” he said.

As for future plans, Buckey said it is simply to keep doing what they’ve been doing.

“There was no blueprint to begin with and I don’t think there is one now.”

Family of the Year opens for Hey Ocean! in Kamloops on Tuesday night at the Blue Grotto. Tickets are $18.