Time flies…(you know the rest)

Taylor Rocca, Copy/Web Editor Ω

Week one has come and gone and we’re now edging closer and closer towards the middle of September. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.

Last week I talked about the disappointment I found last academic year after discovering the extreme lack of a vivid campus culture, plum full of life and energy at TRU. Last week I talked about how students should get out, get involved and make their campus a place that students want to be outside of class hours.

What I failed to mention is that our students union also holds a stake in ensuring students feel at home and engaged on campus, whether that is courtesy of exhilarating events or informative, educational sessions.

I would like to take the time to personally thank TRUSU president Dustin McIntyre and the rest of the TRUSU executive for organizing a stellar start to the 2012-13 academic season. Tunes Against Tuition was a rocking success with approximately 600 students in attendance during a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Campus Commons.

For those who don’t remember, aren’t aware or simply weren’t at TRU in 2011, the back-to-school concert was… underwhelming to say the least. In fact, it was so poorly advertised and publicized that only a small handful of students attended. Sure, you could argue that Daniel Wesley, last year’s headlining act, doesn’t hold a flame to the Arkells, but he is still a very respectable name when it comes to the Canadian indie-music scene. Sure you could argue that the weather wasn’t nearly as favourable as it was this past Saturday, but damp weather will rarely scare students off from a free concert featuring a reputable act.

Plain and simple, TRUSU did an exceptional job at organizing and promoting this event in 2012. And they should be commended.

Now, I have only been at TRU for approximately one calendar year and apart from the night with Peter Mansbridge, this is by far the most well-attended student-oriented event I have been witness to, or aware of. I even hesitate to say Peter Mansbridge was a well-attended student-oriented event because, while it was most definitely a packed house when CBC’s voice of The National strolled into Kamloops in January 2012, the vast majority of that audience seemed to have seeped in from the greater Kamloops community as opposed to the TRU student community.

It’s encouraging in the early weeks of the school year to see not only a successfully run and well-attended event, but an event that was met with enthusiasm and energy from the student body. Shows like this are just a part of what TRU needs in order to build a fruitful campus culture. Without that campus culture, it will continue to be nothing more than a smattering of buildings filled with classrooms and students who only show apathy for anything outside the classroom, whether that be student politics, WolfPack athletics, the campus community radio station or even this very publication.

Kudos, TRUSU. Hopefully Tunes Against Tuition will instil a lasting impression with the student body. I know it did with me. Hopefully it is a sign for more great things to come in 2012-13. I know it has raised my expectations.