Album Review: The North

Lauren Gagatek, Contributor Ω 

Montreal-based Canadian indie-pop band Stars released a brand new album entitled The North on Sept. 4, pairing tell-tale vocals with thought-provoking lyrics.

The North entertains hints of many different genres, featuring a few songs with an electronic spin to them.  The first single from The North, Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It,” highlights the unique sounds of harp and is quickly becoming another defining track for Stars.

As with all of Stars’ previous albums, The North features songs that have substance to their lyrics, each telling a story instead of repeating mundane phrases over and over.  A fairly balanced mix of vocals shine through between Torquil Campbell, Stars’ lead male vocalist, and Amy Millan, lead female vocalist. Each of the album’s 12 songs has a significantly different feeling to them. For a band with six full-length studio albums, The North stillprovides a fresh listening experience.

It has a striking similarity to Metric, except Canadians can take pride in its uniquely Canadian roots.  It is safe to say that Metric fans interested in branching out will find a perfect fit with The North. Stars band member Evan Cranley actually considered joining Metric before he joined Stars.

It’s often a challenge for artists to combine a happy medium between mellow songs, and up-beat songs, although this does not seem to be a problem in The North.  Stars has hit the mark once again, releasing a quality album just in time for their upcoming tour.

For fans interested in watching Stars open for Metric, the two bands will be passing through the area with a show in Victoria on Nov. 9, and a show in Kelowna on Nov. 12.