TRUe Thoughts: Two sides to a coin

Taylor Rocca, Copy/Web Editor Ω

TRU’s Campus Activity Centre. – Photo by Marvin Beatty

Well folks, here we go. It’s time for another year at Thompson Rivers University.

I know I’m ready to make the most of it.

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Taylor Rocca and my job with The Omega is to copy edit the content that goes into your independent student newspaper (see bio on opposite page).

It is yours because you pay into it. Don’t believe me? Check your tuition and fees breakdown at

While you were checking out your tuition breakdown, you probably noticed you pay into the campus community radio station, 92.5 The X, as well as the Students’ Union.

Wait! It doesn’t stop there.

If you keep scrolling down the exhausting list of fees and levies, you will also see you pay into a health and dental plan and something called the University Enhancement Fund (CUEF).

With student debt continuing to rise, it can be frustrating to look at a lengthy receipt of dollars and cents.

Trust me, going into my seventh year of post-secondary education, I know all about student debt. But let me paint a brighter picture for you.

The scene might look gloomy when you eye the bottom line of your term balance but within those bills and student loan payments lies the opportunity to engage in a dynamic university experience.

Lectures and labs are important but so are social events and extra-curricular activities.

Students learn plenty inside the walls of the university, but there is  much to be learned outside the rigid structures of the institution, as well.

The services mentioned are just a few of the means for students to get involved —  not only enriching their own university experience, but also that of their peers.

Whether you volunteer at CFBX, or contribute photos or stories to this publication, you can force your required fees to provide you with new and exciting learning opportunities.

The Students’ Union houses and funds clubs for a wide range of interests — academic to religious and everything in between. Join a club, meet some new people and learn some new things.

Take advantage of your student dollar.

If you’re going to pay it, you might as well do everything you can to ensure you get the best bang for that buck.

CUEF provides great opportunity for students to obtain funding for a variety of activities and learning experiences, but I could probably write an entire piece on that alone. (Editor’s note: This piece will come soon, so keep an eye out for it.)

TRU has a beautiful campus. It is full of beautiful people with amazing aspirations and goals. If there is one thing I noticed last year, it was the absence of a rocking campus community culture – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved and fill that void.

Make this campus somewhere that everyone wants to hang out after classes end.

Make those extra fees worth paying.

Don’t complain about them while you fail to take advantage of the opportunities they provide you.

Step a little outside of your comfort zone and not only will you feel you’ve made the most of your dollar, you’ll also feel you’ve made the most of your university experience.

These can be the best years of your life, don’t let them slip away unfulfilled.

There are always two sides to a coin, so flip it over and see what’s on the other side before you spend it.