Under construction

Samantha Garvey, Roving Editor Ω 

Despite another academic year starting up, Old Main remains functional but still under construction.

The roof went up over the two new floors of TRU’s main building this summer. This is the first of two phases and was scheduled to be finished Sept. 6. The shell of the building was completed at the end of August, but additional siding and finishing touches are now expected to be done at the end of the month.

Students and staff are asked not to use the entrances on the east wing of the building.

169 staff members were displaced from Old Main during the construction, according to  TRU’s website. All staff members returned to their offices the last week of August.

The second phase will begin next summer and is expected to be completed before September 2013.

According to Christopher Seguin, TRU’s vice president advancement, the first phase cost more than $1 million, which was covered by past surpluses.

“When the university has surplus funds at the end of the year (they go) to projects like this,” Seguin said.

The next phase is estimated at  $9.5 million, TRU has applied to the province for $7.4 million and intends to fundraise the rest from private sources, according to Seguin.