Film Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

A bad script tries to kill Kristen Stewart’s surprisingly good performance, but the film is still worth a look, according to our reviewer. -IMAGE COURTESY UNIVERSAL PICTURES

Erica Tippe, Contributor  Ω

I walked into the Cineplex around 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night — because it’s “cheap night.” (did you know tickets to the movies are half price on Tuesdays?)

The joy of going to the late show: short lines. I line up behind the one person between myself working at the till, buy my ticket and make my way into the theatre.

There were open seats right at the top and it was a fairly empty room — just how I like it.

I arrive just in time for the movie previews — and here’s where my movie viewing night begins to go downhill…

There were way too many trailers! When the movie finally started I said to myself, “Wow, I almost forgot what we were watching!” But as the show began, I got pulled right in.

Snow White and the Huntsman starts strong and does not hold back.

At first I was a little hesitant to watch the movie, as one of my least favourite actresses, Kristen Stewart, plays the lead role of Snow White. I thought she was going to be a little too… “Bella.”

You know what I mean — the vacant expressions (if you can call them expressions) and the depressed attitude that she seems to have in most movies she has been in.

To my surprise, she did a decent job. She managed to put some expression on her face! My goodness, Kristen Stewart does have emotion!

Unfortunately, despite her decent acting, she was stuck with a horrible script.

Snow White’s speech to her people was very hard to understand (maybe the acting, I guess, but it just didn’t make much sense), and her final words to the evil Queen — the last words of the movie — were terribly disappointing.

“You can’t have my heart.”

What is that? I thought she would say something cool that made her sound brave and courageous, not like a little girl who was scared.

The final battle was also a disappointment. It was short and anti-climactic. Maybe I’m just used to the epic battles of Lord of the Rings, but this battle sucked.

As for the evil queen, she was great. She was very dramatic, maybe a bit over dramatic at times and screamed too much, but she definitely pulled off “evil” very well. The only thing about her that I really thought was messed up was her somewhat incestuous relationship with her brother. It wasn’t normal, that’s for sure. And her brother’s haircut was atrocious.

Then there was the Huntsman.

Apparently the writers couldn’t take five minutes to come up with a suitable name for a main character so they just got everyone in the film to call him “Huntsman.”

That was silly.

Also I didn’t like that the actor was the guy who played Thor (editor’s note: Chris Hemsworth). I don’t really like him, even if he’s a good actor — he just bothers me for some reason. I also did not like that Snow fell for him rather than her long-lost childhood sweetheart William (played by Sam Claflin).

But bonus points for the movie: the graphics were amazing and the scenery was very well done. You start off in the dark forest with black powder that makes you trip out on everything in there. There is everything from trees that grab you, to mud that tries to drown you, to trolls under the bridge.

But if you are anything like me and like bright colours and green places and were just hoping there would be an escape from the evil dark of the woods, it does come — you just need to be patient.

When we are finally introduced to these lovely green woods we see everything from moss-covered turtles to fairies. It is a true fantasy forest. I loved it. Honestly, I think this was my favourite part of the film. It was just so magical and exciting.

So overall I am giving this movie a three out of five. It had good action, decent acting, excellent graphics and special effects, but lacked a script.

I think I may also be rating it higher than I would because the song for the end credits was Florence and The Machine (my favourite band).

But overall the movie is worth seeing. Maybe it could play for one of the TRU Movie Nights this year, TRUSU?