Everyone else did a “year in review” type piece, so I guess I get to, as well

Mike Davies, Editor-in-Chief  Ω

In the spirit of Kergin’s “Things I learned this year” column this week — as well as his “In case you missed it” feature we’ve been running most of the year and Crosby’s “Year that was in TRU sports” this week — I thought for my last column of the winter 2012 TRU semester, I might treat you to a brief rundown of the best (in my opinion) pieces The Omega had to offer over the course of the last 28 issues.

We opened the year with a fun “get to know what’s around you” geocache game that never really caught on. It was a fun way to see some areas of Kamloops — often within walking distance — that you should’ve checked out (and still can!). Those who participated were greatly rewarded, not just with prizes from us, but with amazing views and fun experiences.

Kamloops got in on the “Occupy” movement for a while in the fall, but considering that we’re not exactly a mecca of high-finance or a poverty-stricken community destroyed by corporate greed, that never really caught on, either.

A fair number of important or influential people visited our campus throughout the year. Not only did many of the federal NDP leadership candidates stop by during their campaigns to lead the party, but senator Mobina Jaffer came and discussed women’s and Aboriginal rights, Peter Mansbridge (one of the most recognizable Canadian broadcasters in history) came to talk about what’s great about Canada and Canadians, and Chief Justice the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin came to discuss the strengths and flaws in the Canadian judicial system.

These were all fantastic events, we should be proud to have hosted such people, and I think The Omega had great coverage of these visits.

Hardly anyone bothered to vote. For anything.

Over the Christmas break, the first student representative for the board of governors and senate was elected with a whopping 2.2 per cent turnout of eligible voters.

Some thought the poor turnout was a result of a lack of awareness of the election and the fact that it was held while everyone was on break, but a few months later, we turned out in even fewer numbers while school was in full session to elect a second representative.

A slightly higher number of people bothered to vote for their student union representatives, but that number barely broke the 10 per cent mark of eligible voters.

It’s possible that because there was only one nominee for every position, people didn’t feel it was worth voting for either the nominee or not the nominee.

The last few weeks of the year had some of the most interesting news, as well as some of our best coverage, I think.

TRU student Sooraya Graham had her art ripped off the wall in the fine arts wing of Old Main by a staff member of TRU World, an event that has since garnered national (and in fact international) attention about the issues of freedom of expression, gender roles and stigmas associated with cultural preconceptions.

We’re still waiting on the press release about disciplinary action (or lack thereof) taken, and will update this story when there’s some sort of resolution beyond the official statement that the school doesn’t condone this type of behaviour.

TRU was recently acknowledged for its sustainability initiatives — a growing issue being considered by students as far as their choice of university.

Kamloops’ first ever Pride Parade was held right here at TRU just a few weeks ago, and was a fitting conclusion to a great semester, with people from all demographics coming together to celebrate equality.

You can check out these stories and everything else we covered this year under the “full issues” section of the site.

Have a great summer, good luck to those of you who still have final exams and I’ll see you on the stands again in September if you’re not around for our monthly publications from May to August.