TRU increases security around Clocktower, Old Main

Devan C. Tasa, Contributor  Ω

TRU has increased security in the Clocktower Building and near the student services area of Old Main.

According to Diana Skoglund, TRU’s Media & Communications co-ordinator, security is being increased to ensure that the university is meeting due diligence and WorkSafeBC requirements.

“Staff, faculty and students are not unlike the regular population who read the paper and have read about incidences that may have been going on where individuals were threatening their landlord,” said Skoglund. “Those people would be concerned about their safety as much as anyone else would be.”

Threats by young people against landlords and building owners are not unheard of. For example, in October 2010, controversial student senator Adrian Miller was convicted of mischief after an incident in 2007 where he drove his vehicle to within two to three inches of his former landlord, according to a judgment written by Judge Michael Gray that found Miller guilty of vandalizing a Prince George apartment.

“I find that his actions towards [the landlord] while in his vehicle were meant to intimidate,” wrote Gray.

Skoglund said the increased security is not the result of an individual request or a particular incident, however in a press release dated Feb. 24, Fiona Chan, Chair of TRU board of Governors, said,

“The top priority of TRU is the safety and security of students, faculty and staff and this decision was made after a thorough and complete review,” said Fiona Chan, Chair TRU Board of Governors. “In Mr. Miller’s case, he has been found sleeping in campus public spaces, including the computer labs and other common areas, in contravention of TRU policies.”

No students will be blocked from entering their classes located in the Clocktower, said Skoglund.

“Students are free to come and go to the journalism lab and the alumni theatre for their classes,” said Skoglund. “They just may be inconvenienced by having to ask to have the door opened for them.”

Skoglund says the increased security, which began again on Mar. 2, will continue into next week and that TRU will be reassessing the situation daily.

TRU first increased security on Friday Feb. 24 then did it again for part of the day on Monday Feb. 27.
When Miller found out about the increased security, he laughed.

“That’s a new one,” Miller told Omega reporter Cavelle Layes. “I think my laughter speaks louder than words. I think they are trying scare tactics now.”

“I just don’t understand what crime I have done that would ban me from university campus that would have them feeling like that. I have done nothing violent, I have never been violent.”

-With files from Cavelle Layes