Student senator feels “singled out”

Adrian Miller released from detainment, not allowed on campus after-hours added to bail conditions

Cavelle Layes, Contributor  Ω

Student senator Adrian Miller feels he was singled out after he was released on bail last Friday only to learn about the TRU “lockdown” that was put in place.

TRU’s student-elected senator, Miller questions university officials’ right to take the actions they have taken.

“They have made a mockery out of their own rules and policies,” said Miller in an interview just moments after his release. “They have made a mockery out of the law and justice and I don’t think that’s right.”
Miller believes that his rights as a student have been trampled on and even compromised in many ways.

TRU officials asked the court earlier Friday morning to completely ban Miller from campus after he had allegedly been found sleeping in computer labs the week before.

The judge however did not believe this action was fitting to the situation and instead, as a condition of bail, told Miller he was prohibited to be on campus grounds between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

“I have seen other people sleeping [in] labs,” said Miller. “They have slept in labs when I have been sleeping.”

TRU officials have tried going through the court system more than once in an attempt to keep Miller off campus only to be denied each time.

“They are now trying to do it administratively, by seeking to suspend if not expel me indefinitely from the university,” said Miller.

He believes they are trying to do this by “using their internal academic polices and procedures.”

When asked why he believes the school has singled him out Miller responded, “It’s about politics. They don’t like the fact that I’m on the senate and that I am on the governorship…. They haven’t been able to defeat me yet, so this is their last chance.

“They are simply trying to beat somebody down. It hasn’t worked yet and it is not going to work later.”
Miller believes that these actions are simply, “scare tactics.”

“They are definitely trying to get the students scared of me. I don’t know if it’s working but they’re definitely trying,” said Miller.

Miller said he knew the university wanted him gone but didn’t think they would go this far.

“I now know that they are willing to do anything to win and I didn’t know they are willing to go to this extent just to try to destroy one person,” said Miller.

TRU has, “a lot of money and a lot of power. They have just about all the Kamloops law firms on their side.

“They are a powerful entity, so to know that they are doing this to one person, to one man, it’s a little sad.”
Miller doesn’t believe anything has changed since he first came to TRU and wonders why they are coming at him so hard now.

“I don’t think they have any specific grounds,” said Miller.

He wants to know where the student union has been during this whole experience.

“They are supposed to be protecting the rights of the students,” he said.

“Where are they when these things happen?

“They say they have advocacy and all these services, but I would really like to know what they are doing because I have never seen them.

“I have never received a phone call or so much as an email. They have never asked, ‘is there anything we can do to aid you.’”

Dustin McIntyre, VP internal for TRUSU said that Miller’s issues range beyond the scope of what the organization deals with.

“If he is being held on charges by the RCMP, there is nothing we can do to support him in those issues,” said Dustin McIntyre, and refused to speculate on what issues Miller is referring to in his claims about their lack of presence around his case.

Miller hopes that other students will use him as an example for standing up for one’s rights and not allowing yourself to be pushed around.

“If you do have an issue with the university I don’t think that my story should scare you off.
“I think you should always stand up for yourself, don’t back down,” he said.

“If you scream loudly enough they will come at you hard but don’t be scared.”

As for whether he will be returning back to TRU again next year Miller replied, “I am going to graduate from Thompson Rivers University whether Thompson Rivers University likes it or not.”

Editor’s note:

Diana Skoglund, TRU’s Media & Communications co-ordinator has since confirmed that the added security measures are in fact a response to Adrian Miller’s situation, stating, “We’ve consulted with external campus experts on campus security and we’ve really carefully considered it, and that’s why we’re taking these measures.”

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