Maybe your lint trap will cause problems one day: Step up to help those displaced by apartment fire

Mike Davies, Editor-in-Chief  Ω

Every one of the over 100 apartment doors in my building on Dalgleish Dr. had a note from building management taped to it last Friday.

The notes asked all residents interested in helping out to leave extra housewares and useful items in the building’s laundry room in order to help those displaced by the fire that roared through Copper Ridge Apartments on Mar. 1.

I immediately cursed myself for effectively “spring cleaning” my apartment last fall.  Many of you reading this may have not been so effective though, so I encourage you to pitch in wherever you can.

Have you got an extra toaster or coffee maker in a closet somewhere? Maybe a bag of clothes you haven’t been able to convince yourself to get rid of because you “might wear them again one day?”

Think about what you would need if your apartment burned down or flooded and you didn’t think about rescuing the stuff in your Tupperware cupboard, or didn’t grab your travel mug, hairdryer or Snuggie before you had to evacuate.

Why not take your extra things — really, do you need them anyway if they’re “extra” things — to the Salvation Army at 269 Tranquille Rd. on the North Shore because that’s who would be helping you if you ended up in a similar situation.

Major Wayne McTaggert of the Salvation Army says that the organization is also supplying displaced residents with vouchers for the Salvation Army Thrift Stores to aid in the replacement of furniture, clothing or housewares.

A fundraiser has been organized by a few community-minded TRU students and will be held at Manhattan Grill (just off campus by the Trades and Technology building entrance and behind Walmart) on Thursday, Mar. 8 from 5 to 9 p.m.

You can get a beef, chicken or salmon burger or a pound of chicken wings with your choice of side garden salad or fries for $15 and help the cause. Tickets are available at the TRUSU membership desk by Common Grounds in the Independence Centre (attached to the Campus Activity Centre).

They will have a few tickets left for sale at the event itself, but it is appreciated if you get your dinner ticket ahead of time at the membership desk to avoid complications — like not getting one of the leftover tickets.

An emergency bursary fund is available to help the students affected as well. Those interested in helping out financially who can’t make it to the fundraiser at Manhattan Grill on Thursday can go to, check the box marked “Specific scholarship or award,” and then type “Emergency Bursary Fund” in the “Award Name” section. The TRU Foundation will provide tax receipts to all contributors to the bursary.

Check out the TRU Newsroom blog and find out if you’re in a class that has an affected student in it. They may have lost their notes for the last two months, and you can help out there too.

And hey, if you have an extra room (or couch, even) that you could lend to someone while they wait for the cleanup operations, get in touch with TRU Student and Judicial Affairs at 250-852-7117.

You never know when a dryer in your laundry room is going to ignite a lint trap and cause some serious difficulties for you through no fault of your own, so help out where you can when it happens to someone else.