Welcome back, all!

Mike Davies, Editor-in-Chief  Ω

I sincerely hope you had a cheerful, relaxing break between semesters and that you are ready to go for another round of assigned readings, group projects, research papers and exams.

I spent the break working on our website (truomega.ca), a bit on the physical layout as well as getting our staff and regular contributors ready for this semester, so hopefully you will enjoy all our efforts over the coming months.

You can now find Omega content on the website categorized by section (news, editorial, sports, etc.) and can check out full issues with only a couple of clicks.

Hopefully this makes perusing the Omega online easier. Your feedback is welcome.
We’re also hiring another editor.

Check the ad on page eight and get some writing samples and your resume in if you think you’d like to be a part of the paper.

Even if you’re not interested in a position with the paper, we encourage student participation in the form of photography, article ideas, editorials or even short stories and poems.

We’re your TRU community newspaper, so you as the community get input about the content.
I remind you to check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@TRU_Omega) for updates on what’s going on with the paper, stories we’re working on for upcoming editions or to complain about what we’re doing wrong.

A quick note on that subject:

We happily encourage discussion on the pieces we produce for you, either in email form or as comments on our website.

We do, however, ask that you add something intelligent to the conversation. We are a post-secondary institution after all, and if your professor asked you for a response on a reading in class, “I didn’t like it,” wouldn’t be an acceptable answer — you’d be expected to add something to the discussion.

We expect the same.

I genuinely thank those of you who engage with us on this level and hope it continues into the future.

It helps us get better as a media source, and allows you a venue to get your opinion out there as well.

For now I’ll leave you to your studies and again wish you a prosperous winter semester.

Study hard and learn a lot — but remember to engage with those around you as well.

Find a club that shares your interests, volunteer to help out with a humanitarian fundraiser or just spend some time getting to know your fellow students in a non-academic setting.

University isn’t just about that piece of paper at the end — it’s about the experience.

Have some fun and get involved, wherever your interests lie.